About Us


SBRT Group is a company that has thrived on family values. Over the past 35 years the family business has grown largely, with over 50 employees making the company as “The guardians of grain quality"

SBRT Group still very much a family company, with the entire family being involved on the quality making in more ways than one.At SBRT we believe in trust, respect and treating people fairly and have built a team who hold these same values at the core of everything they do..

We focus on the production and trading of varieties of rice such as Sona Masoori rice, Raw rice, RNR/Kolam/Jeera rice, and Fibre Rich rice

Our unique product portfolio has helped us to remain as one of the leading players in the market..

The best quality from SBRT achieved by employing state of the art technology in all its manufacturing processes..

Vision & Mission


To preserve and enrich the legacy of basmati in India by ensuring the genetic integrity of the seed, by encouraging farmers to adopt scientific agricultural practices and by leveraging world-class rice processing technologies, so as to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality and customer service.


To emerge as the world’s number one basmati player, committed to deliver precision – perfect quality products to our customers; nurture a professional work environment that fosters employee excellence, growth and job satisfaction; and build a financially strong, growth-oriented company that creates value for our stakeholders.